I wake up feeling exhausted, but I know I have to get up, I have to wake up, struggle to wake up my two sons and drive them to school. I call, yell and shake and after 15 minutes, they get up and then I have to drive them to school. After a full day of work, I have to pick up two very active boys who had struggled to sit still in class for eight hours. We argue and struggle in the car as they start to argue and shove, complaining to me who is driving, wanting me to take sides.


My mind then flashes to my mother who had five of us, and her mother before her who had ten kids. How did they do it? They had no luxury of hiring maids and had to handle all the chaos by themselves. I panic when my mother comments on how long am taking to add a third child. I would love to have four kids but as the years slip by, I know I will not make it. Deep down, I knew other women before us struggled but we never got to know their struggles; all we saw were hugs, kisses and food on our tables. I wish I had three hands or four legs but I know not all the extra limbs would give me the stamina to handle all these responsibilities.


To the women of yesterday, how did you do it? Raise ten children, remain sane, care for your husbands and their illegitimate children, handle the drama of polygamous relationships and still have enough power left within you? Technology is moving at a fast pace with iphones, ipads and galaxy phones that let you dictate a text message but not all the apps in the world can teach us how to be better mothers, better wives or even better human beings. We have rejected so many things and have turned to Google to give us all the answers.


When I was younger, my mother would always say that she wished we all had kids so that we could know the struggles of parenthood. Today, we are all parents and we appreciate her more now because we have an insight into her struggles and have the respect. My sister has three kids, I have two and at her house last week, all our kids were wrecking havoc on her house and I looked at her and said that, ‘imagine Mum had all these five as hers. How did she do it?’ we looked at her in disbelief and she just smiled at us.


But, nothing has changed. I will work today, go pick my children and continue home for more drama. I will not wait for a phone app to better my skills but I will borrow a leaf from the women of yesterday and raise up to the occasion